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Mr Sandro Mora-Zhunio

Clinical Sexologist and Relationship Therapist

Hello I am (he/his/him) a, COSRT professionally qualified Clinical Sexologist and Couples therapist, with the interest of promoting sexual positive values when working with all aspects of psychosexual therapy within the principles of Consent, legality and sexual health.

I am proudly South-America born and professionally built in the UK, with a large experience of working in the NHS on various senior managerial roles and qualified trainer. I then developed my interest/passion in Clinical Sexology and Relationship therapy.

Working with Gender, Sex and Relationship Diversity (GSRD), and Intersectionality are a particular interest of mine, I have seen clients whom have not been heard, and their voices been shut down, due to language and cultural barriers. I personally understand the difficulties of communicating in other language therefore; I empathise with client’s shame.

Respect for individuality, honesty, time, activeness, and well-being are the foundations of my personal and professional life, therefore I ensure that clients have a clear journey of life supported by their own values.

Registration No 4106

My approach

Honesty, respect and commitment to improve lives, are the structure of my therapeutic work; therefore building a collaborative and trusting therapeutic alliance with clients is the goal (COSRT ethics of practice 2019).

Sexual behaviour is a consequence of a multiple different forces acting upon a person, some of those forces are internal and specific to the individual, whereas other are broad, external factors that affect everyone in a given culture and society – some factors are under our complete conscious control, while we are victims of circumstance to others (Lehmiller J).

I work with a pluralistic approach therefore integrating valuable and practical theories, techniques and interventions, to benefit clients therapeutic process.


  • There is not ONE right way of conceptualising client problems
  • There is not ONE right way of practising therapy
  • Acknowledge and celebrate diversity and uniqueness
  • Openness to multiple sources of Knowledge
  • Respect each other's work value
  • Be fully involved


Session are held in Bloomsbury, Central London and run for 50 minutes. They are weekly at the same time and same day of the week (if possible). Flexibility is considered without compromising therapy sessions.


A notice of 48 hours for cancellation is required for the session not to be charged. However, excessive cancellations will required a further discussion on the commitment of therapy work.

Therapy duration

I provide long-term (open ended) and short-term (12 – 15 sessions), however a review would be planned with the client at session 8.

The counselling process

  • Initial consultation (20min, no charge) - to identify issue/s or goals for therapy and to decide the way forward.
  • Agreement and contract which outlines expectations – I am aware of my limitations so if I cannot provide with what you are looking for, I will help you to find a suitable therapist, if you so wish.
  • Sessions will commence at the most suitable time for client and therapist either on-line (ZOOM) or face to face at the clinic.
  • Session are confidential as long as safety is not compromised
  • 50 minutes session – longer session to be agreed with therapist. Session can be end by the client or therapist however; an appropriate ending will be organised.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how psychosexual and relationship therapy works, or to arrange an initial appointment. This enables us to discuss the reasons you are thinking of coming to therapy, whether it could be helpful for you, and whether I am the right therapist to help.

You can also call me on 07541 460475 if you would prefer to leave a message or speak to me first. I am happy to discuss any queries or questions you may have prior to arranging an initial appointment.

All enquires are usually answered within 24 hours, and all contact is strictly confidential and uses secure phone and email services.

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